Wedding photography is such a significant investment, it's so important to know your photographer and how their business is run on a day to day basis. here's a little more information about us.

Prices & Packages

Over the years I've learned that not all weddings are the same, time coverage, location, ceremony, every client has different expectations, different needs. That's why I don't place every wedding in the same basket. Every quote and package is created with the intention to make sure my clients receives the right coverage at the best price.

Creating the perfect experience


My role is much more than a photographer, I will also help my couples make sure the wedding day runs smoothly.  From the first time you contact with me, we will provide you with all the information about our photography packages , answer any questions you might have and guide you through the process of booking me for your special day. Once you have decided to take the next  step of booking me, i'll provide you with the standard contract, invoice and information rundown sheet for the wedding day. This form is to be completed and email back. At this point we start to prepare for the big day. We work closely together to schedule times, locations, creative ideas and every detail of the wedding that will make the day a success in capturing  all the important moments. I will be very reachable and happy to assist with any questions you might have for me. 


Preparations prior to the wedding


Leading to a wedding I work very hard to make sure I'm ready for anything that might come up on the day. If it's my first time to a location, I will do extensive research (and even visit the venue if possible) to make sure I can produce the best photos on the day . All the photographs on my website have been taken by me. I don't shoot JPEG I always shoot raw, this allows me to capture as much data as possible to enhance the quality of each image. Although the time of day, weather can influence the photo, I aim to produce work that is very consistent to my previous work. I use two cameras with me all day, I prefer prime lenses and I love to use all elements available at location to create something different. I work mainly with natural light but I always have a flash and video light ready for creativity. 

My style of photography

My photography style is photojournal with a touch of traditional style. I tell your story by  capturing beautiful, unobtrusive shots, captured in a way that speaks of your love. I let the moments unfold naturally, then snap away, recording the magic as it happens. In saying that, I do also allocate time during the wedding day to capture traditional family and group shots that every newlywed's must have. At the end of the day those are photos most family guests chase my couple for once they receive all the photos. 


No posing


Because my work is based on capturing journalism shots, there will be no acting stiff and unnaturally, instead (with plenty of guidance from me) there will be more fun natural moments, I do also intends to focus on all details, it just has to look right at the end of my camera.

So what now.


Hopefully I have provided you enough information about my commitment, experience and dedication to making sure I'm the right photographer for you. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.