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 thank you for having an interest in my work and taking time to learn a little bit more about me.

I’m based in the Gold Coast but happy to travel anywhere for my work. When I'm not behind a camera I love to keep fit, football is a must during the week. travel is also another passion of mine, cooking and relaxing by the beach with the family is my way of recharging. 

My photography interest began back in my high school days while studying art for my HSC. Since then, I been part of so many amazing weddings. I commit 100% in everything I do, otherwise I feel am wasting my time and life is too short for that. I want my clients to see me as their life time friend they trust to tell their story.  


Every time i pickup a camera, I'm seeking to connect and understand people before photographing them. There’s nothing more disappointing to see an image of yourself that doesn’t say who you really are. This is why I choose to be more than a photographer on the day. Don’t be surprised if you see me  help around, have a laugh and also a tear in those emotional moments.

Daniel Suarez

"Chase your dreams and make them your reality"

Daniel Suarez

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