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  • Daniel Suarez

Make a Wish Foundation with Adam and his family at Dig it, Cedar Creek Lodges.

Recently I had the pleasure of teaming up with Cedar Creek Lodges marketing team and Make a Wish Foundation, to capture Adam and his family spending a day at, Dig it. Growing up on a dairy farm is what has inspired Adam’s passion for the outdoors, tools, and big machinery, like the family tractor, which his Aunty is teaching him to drive. So when Adam saw an advertisement for the ‘Dig It’ activity he knew that his wish would be “To ‘Dig It’ at Thunderbird Park”. But what he loves even more than operating a digger, is his family. 💙 Adam underwent treatment for his central nervous system sarcoma during COVID-19, which meant being separated from his family. Adam’s mum, Lisa mentioned that it was a really tough time for everyone, and this is why Adam loves being around his whole family (including his two older brothers and sister) as much as he can now. Make-A-Wish Volunteer, Catherine, was also a part of Adam's wish, and says, "Being a volunteer means I can help families through the trauma of their child's illness, by giving them a positive experience they can share together." to learn more about the Wish Force and how you can help today, head to

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