All In The Name Of Art – Trash The Dress Photography

January 27, 2017


Never heard of trash the dress photography? Well the concept here is that the bride actually destroys her expensive wedding gown in the hope of getting her images in the current edition of Vogue magazine. The credit of this bizarre phenomenon all started when Los Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper convinced his clients to pose in ugly places and then throw the dress in the rubbish bin! Apparently the idea of destroying a wedding dress was symbolised by the American film industry in 1998 when Meg Cummings ran into the ocean. Want to know more?


Common Trash The Dress Photo Shoots


All in the name of art –the whole idea being that you get creative and make some art - so many brides will choose to destroy their wedding dresses after creating a powerful image that leaves the garment ruined. Locations have included abandoned buildings, the beach, and even rubbish tips! Popular shots cover the bride submerging in freezing water, setting the dress on fire, paint balling, fighting with red wine, and rolling around in the mud. Other destinations chosen are mountains, trees, construction sites, and the sea – whatever is beautiful in the eye of the beholder – all you need is to trust the photographer.


Why Is Trash The Dress So Popular?


It appears that anything goes when it comes to the possibility of becoming a star within this increasingly widespread extension of wedding photojournalism. However, there are several other theories that suggest why the bride is happy to destroy the dress that has cost so much money:

  • Because of this expense the dress should be worn until it’s rendered useless and unwearable after getting so much fun and mileage from it

  • Varying from the normal wedding complex is naughty and exciting, and a photo of the rubbished dress is ironic and cool

  • As the wedding dress is a symbol of love and happiness this action eliminates any bad results of previous relationships

  • The bride is just very rich and has only bought the dress to trash it

  • Trends are important and the bride will do it just because everyone else is


Don’t forget the groom here too! When you’ve just married the love of your life, pulled off an immaculate wedding, and sent your guests away happy, you’re entitled to some fun. And what better than trashing the dress! It’s messy, dirty, and also bonds you together in a unique way. You’ll have a wonderful time whatever your photo shoot ideas are.


And Finally…


It’s really a misconception that the dress has to be completely destroyed. Wet dresses can be rinsed in clean water to get rid of any salt, and then can be professionally dry cleaned. And remember the photo shoot should always take place after the official ceremony, and can even be done months after the event. If you have a destination wedding the day after is ideal as you’ll get many more photos in a beautiful and idyllic location. If in doubt ask your chosen photographer!

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