Should guest be allowed to take photos on the wedding day?

January 31, 2016

I was asked by a few brides if I prefer guests not to be allowed to take photos on the wedding day. To be honest I don't have any problems with guest trying to capture their own images of the beautiful couple. I think it would be unfair for any photographer to request to stop guest trying to embrace the beauty of a wedding.



But at the same time it does create a few problems in certain parts of the wedding, example group shots. When a photographer is trying to have the group to look straight down his camera, it doesn't help having guests around the photographer taking photos, you start to have individual in the group look away.

Another problems a photographer faces, is guest start to get in front  of the camera to capture their own photos during the ceremony. The photographer starts to run the risk of missing out in capturing a photo in a crucial moment. I think at the end it's about reminding guest they will be allowed to capture their images  of the bride and groom but when advised. The photographer must be given priority at all times and guest must be reminded before and during the wedding.

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