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Gold Coast Wedding Venues

Best Ideas for finding wedding venue near Gold Coast , Australia

Brisbane wedding photographer

When looking for a  wedding venue in south QLD, Australia, there are a number of ways to go about it. There are so many beautiful cities as head to the south QLD border, such as Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Kingslcliff. Northern New South Wales is a place that is idyllic for a majestic wedding, which makes the need for a talented wedding photographer all the more important. Below are some ideas and tips for finding a great one to memorialize your special day in the Gold Coast area.


First, ask around to others who have been married in North of NSW or who live in the area or even those who have been married in general about who they used to shoot their wedding. Get a list of names, assuming they liked their photographer and you like their photos that were shot, and then proceed down the list of each one, looking at their websites, checking their availability and prices. It’s also important to note that these photographers who aren’t local to Tweed Heads will charge you for travel and lodging for the wedding, adding to the overall cost.


At the same time, it’s worth it to also search online for a local wedding photographer in Gold Coast while also going down the list you have made of personal recommendations. This will give you a number of photographers who live locally and will probably be cheaper overall. It will also give you more reviews from independent sources about how good these photographers are and what it is like to work with them. Going online will also give you access to these photographer’s websites, allowing you to see samples of their work.


Once you have a list of three or more photographers you think would work for your wedding, find out availability and pricing and see who works the best for those stipulations. Then pull the trigger and check that box for the wedding prep!

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