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Gold Coast Wedding Venues

Best Tips for finding the right wedding venue near Gold Coast , Australia

Brisbane wedding photographer

There are so many beautiful wedding reception venues on the Gold Coast and surroundings areas, leaving little doubt on why it has become the leading location to get hitch by many couples. The entire South QLD and Northern NSW region is a place that is idyllic for a majestic wedding, which demands the need for a talented and experience wedding photographer all the more important. Below are some my ideas and tips for finding the right venue to memorialize your special day in the Gold Coast area.


1. Set a tentative budget

The hard truth, your budget will probably shape the style of venue you’re working with.  This doesn't mean your dream wedding be anything less than what you had imagine it to be. it just means you will have conditions in place to make sure your budget won't blow out. It will also force you to think outside the square and get creative to turn your vision into reality.  Decide what you’re happy to spend on a venue and try to stick to it. When choosing a venue, keep in mind what’s included – as you might still need to hire in tables and chairs. flowers. Don’t get caught out with surprise costs – ask the venue owner or manager exactly what additional items need to be brought to the venue to get a fully informed idea of the actual hire price.



2. Try to define where you want to get married On the Gold Coast?

Plenty of couples are heading away for the big cities these days and seeking for something a little different. Gold Coast and it's hinterlands has become incredibly popular. But where in the Gold Coast is right for you? By narrowing down the regions that you’d be happy to get married at, you make the venue search much easier on yourself. Consider things like availability of accommodation, how far your guests will be willing to travel and how much it will cost them. Check on the region’s tourism website for major events that might mean there’s a shortage of beds for visitors and try avoid those dates. Just remember, the more remote you are, the smaller the pool of local wedding vendors (e.g. celebrants, bands, florists, etc.) to choose from. 

3. Use Google 

A tip we use to dig up hard-to-find wedding venues is to enter a region name plus the word ‘wedding’ into Google (e.g. ‘Byron Bay + wedding’). Then, click on Google images and scroll through previous weddings that have taken place in the region.

4. Ask local wedding vendors for their advice

If you know where you want to get married but are struggling to find the right venue, why not ask some of the local wedding vendors? After all, they have first-hand experience working at many local wedding venues and might be able to suggest a few that you haven’t discovered. As a photographer I have guided many of my newlyweds with locations, schedule and recommendations on vendors that have been wonderful to work with. 

5. Be clear on what’s flexible at the venue

If you have your heart set on a particular caterer for your big day, there’s probably no point in viewing a venue that works with a preferred company only. Find out before you make time for a viewing what’s flexible. Are you allowed to work with your own vendors of choice? Can you DIY-style the venue space? Can you BYO alcohol or does it need to be purchased through the vendor? These are all things to consider when choosing your venue.


6. Prepare for your viewing

Chances are you’ll be viewing a few different venues before choosing ‘the one’. To avoid them all becoming one big blur, be prepared. Have a list of questions, take your owner photos during the meeting and make plenty of notes on the day. Don't rely on your Memory, far too much information will be thrown at you on the day.

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